What are Vape Box Mods?

Vape Box Mods

A typical e-cig which is shaped like a tobacco cigarette can't produce the same level of power as a bigger, bulkier vape box mod. If you want more power and performance, which contributes to incredible water vapor production and ultimate throat hit, then you'll be better off with a vape box mod.

While vape box mods aren't ideal for those who want discreet designs that they may slip into pockets and use in public, they are ideal choices for home vaping. It's not that they aren't portable! They are. It's just that they are a bit harder to hide. If you don't mind the larger size and scale, you'll find that vape box mods offer tons of pure performance and many of them are competitively-priced.

Vape Box Mods Are Powerful

Some vaporizers which are smaller don't offer a high level of power to users. They are weak in terms of creating big clouds, just because they are small. Since a vape box mod will have more size, it will have more room for components.

When you choose a box mod, it will contain modifications which make it more dependable and powerful.

For example, it will be able to heat up substances evenly, without burning them. Also, you'll be able to add more substances in one setting. There are different box mods for different substances. Some work with e-juices, while others heat oils, waxes or herbs.

As well, a superb box mod will probably have a display which allows you to see your current settings, including current temperature. If you want a mod that you can control, you'll find that most vape box mods offer options to users, including a range of temperature choices. When you look at a display, it will take the guesswork out of setting up a new vaping session.

Joyetech Vape Box Mods

Are Vape Box Mods Right for You?

You deserve a premium vaping experience. When you choose a vape box mod of good quality, you'll be able to get it! You'll be a cloud chaser in no time flat! In case you don't know, people who are "cloud chasers" try to create the biggest, whitest and puffiest water vapor clouds. They sometimes use little tricks in order to make clouds of specific shapes. There are even cloud chasing competitions!

While every vape box mod owner isn't a cloud chaser, most could be cloud chasers if they wanted to, because their mods make amazing clouds as a matter of course.

Now that you know more about vape box mods, why not shop for the right one today? Look for the best features, a trusted brand name, an attractive device and a fair price tag. Once you find and order the right vape box mod, you'll be able to access high performance. In fact, you may be dazzled by how your new vape box mod outperforms the e-cigs that you've used in the past!

Price a preferred model at a few different retailers before making a final decision about where to buy. It's the key to getting a great deal.

Quick Ways to Fix and Clean a Leaky Vape Tank

"C'mon, Man! My tank is leaking again!" I often hear a vaper complain that their new vape tank is leaking after they took the time to fill it with some e-liquid. I have seen the frustration on their face when they see it happen to themselves right there and then. While leaking happens less often than the norm, when it does occur, it can be a buzz kill. 

There are several things to consider while trying to fix a leaky vape tank. In this article, we will explore several possibilities for why a vape tank is leaking and some troubleshooting ideas. More often than not it is a simple problem that can be ratified in a matter of minutes.

  1. Coils: In this vaper’s case typically seem to be loose or faulty coils that are causing the liquid to drip. To fix this, the vaper must examine the coil and ensure that it fits tightly and is heating properly.
  2. Wattage: If your wattage setting is too low on your vaping device, this can lead to gurgling and leaking of your e-juice. If the wattage is too low, your e-juice will not vaporize. Try increasing the wattage and see if that helps the leak.
  3. Airflow: Check the airflow control valve. Is it too tight or too loose? Tank’s vary in airflow specifications. Try fluctuating the air control and see if your leaky problem is solved.
  4. Assembly: It is important to make sure that all parts of your vaping device are assembled properly and with care. A loose part or an atomizer screwed in but not cross-threaded properly for instances can lead to a faulty vape experience.
  5. Condition of equipment: Look around for leaks and make sure that parts are sealed properly. A crack in the tube can allow for liquid to leak out. Be sure to check seals starting with the atomizer head. If the O-ring seal is not on properly, you will experience leakage. You may need to replace your seal from time to time, as they can get damaged and/or cracked after a while of usage.

To avoid leaks and faulty equipment, clean your tank consistently. Over time, vaping can cause condensation build up which can lead to a faulty tank if not taken apart and cleaned properly.

One final piece of advice: Store your vaping supplies in plastic air tight containers. Laying your tank on its side to store can cause leakage and make a mess, so have it standing upright for the best results.